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Samsung S7, S8, S9 & S10 Screen Replacement in NZ

Samsung original A quality screen is really expensive. We accept customer bring there parts coming for fix. $50 include gst for labor.And also some model we might have A- quality and B quality. NO MATTER WHICH QUALITY YOU AFTER, WE PROVIDE SAME WARRANTY. SO DONT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT QUALITY ISSUE. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Samsung screen repair from
1-2 hours service

Price below all include gst

ServiceA Quality PriceA-/B Quality PriceGlass Repair (will takes around 1-2days)Recycle Your Inside screen
Samsung S20 Ultra
Samsung S20 Plus$469+gst
Samsung S20 $449+gst
Samsung S10 Plus$519$290$100
Samsung S10$499$270$100
Samsung S9Plus$379$150-$200$240$70
Samsung S9 $379$150-$200$230$70
Samsung S8Plus$339$150-$200$220$70
Samsung S8 $319$150-$200$210$50
Samsung Note10Plus$579$340$100
Samsung Note10$519$320$90
Samsung Note9$419$150-$200$270$70
Samsung Note8$390$150-$200$260$70
Samsung A10$99N/AN/A
Samsung A01$99N/AN/A
Samsung A11$129N/AN/A
Samsung A20 $169/$229N/AN/A
Samsung A21s$159N/AN/A
Samsung A30/A50$189/$249N/AN/A
Samsung A31$259N/AN/A
Samsung A51$219/$299N/AN/A
Samsung A60$199N/AN/A
Samsung A70$269N/AN/A
Samsung A71$299N/AN/A
Samsung A80$299N/AN/A
Samsung A90$299N/AN/A
Other models RequirementRequirementRequirementRequirement